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We help to expand the boundaries of trade, buy cost effectively and work as a courier.

  • +10,000 Sellers

  • +2,500,000 buyers

  • +3000 private couriers

Factory Price - Retail Trading Platform

We offer goods and products from manufacturers and their representatives directly to the end customer. There are no intermediaries on FP, no commissions and prices are cheaper than on the market.

Buying goods you can order delivery to any region of country!

How to sell on the FP platform!

Go through registration

You need only an e-mail and a smartphone

Get advertising & marketing

Free advertising of goods on the platform and internal marketing from Factory Price

Sale and Delivery

You will receive demand from the entire market of Kazakhstan from the first minute of placement and delivery of goods will be free

100% Payment

We do not charge any commission and provide all services free

  • Instant demand

    From the first minute of placing the goods, you can receive a customer order from whole market

    Advertising and marketing

    Show the product to potential buyers in a whole market and get free FP marketing

    Sale and delivery

    Just pack it and keep it in your stock, we will arrange delivery free of charge


    have following benefits

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    100% payment

    100% prepayment hold by FP. We don’t charge any commission and doing release of full amount

    Smart Contract / Product QR

    Each purchase is automatically accompanied by a contract and has live QR code of the product

    Delivery warranty

    FP will refund the cost of the item if it was damaged while shipping

  • Low cost

    Directly from the manufacturer without intermediaries

    Product quality

    You have 7 days to return the item if it’s with defect.

    Pay after delivery

    After 7 days since delivery the payment will be released to the manufacturer


    have following benefits

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    Offer your price to the seller and make bulk purchases

    Smart Contract / Product QR

    Each purchase is automatically accompanied by a contract and has live QR code of the product

    Delivery options

    Offer your price for shipping

  • Earn on delivery

    You can deliver goods along the way and make money on it

    City / Intercity

    Deliver around the city and between cities

    Light package / Heavy load

    Both a pedestrian and a freight carrier can become a private courier

    Private Couriers

    have following benefits

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    Collect orders along your route

    You can find orders along your route to accept or make your counter price offer for delivery

    No commission

    Factory Price don’t charge any commission

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Watch a short video to understand how it works.

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Watch a short video to understand how it works

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Private Couriers

Watch a short video to understand how it works

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Quickly communicate multimedia based materials for enabled channels. Seamlessly disintermediate robust best practices for B2C e-tailers. Efficiently procrastinate prospective experiences.

Continually architect multifunctional schemas rather than superior users. Conveniently scale.

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Frequently Asked Queries

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All service for manufacturers on the Factory Price platform provided free.
Buyers pay a small markup of 0.7% of the purchase price and this price is already included in the price of the product.
Couriers pay a commission of 5% of the delivery bill.

We have connected the whole Kazakhstan and everyone can open their own business and sell throughout Kazakhstan. Buyers can buy products from any region. In the future, we will connect 5 EAEU countries and enter the markets of the CIS countries.

Delivery can be carried out by post mail or Courier Company, or by our service - private couriers. Private couriers are ordinary people who can pick up your goods along the way at your suggested price.

Product placement and display on the platform throughout the market, as well as marketing tools to promote the product on the platform provided free of charge

The catalog of goods is limited only to goods that require licensing or law regulates their circulation. We are constantly expanding the catalog of goods and these are all consumer goods.

Goods can be purchased for cash upon receipt of the goods or use the escrow freeze of payment for the delivery period and 7 days to check the quality of the goods.

Each sale and purchase is accompanied by an offer, acceptance and is formalized by an agreement with the essential terms of the transaction, and all information is recorded in the QR of the product. You can always download the mini contract from the attachment as the primary document of the transaction.

If the item is stolen or damaged by the courier, Factory Price will refund the full price to the seller and refund the payment to the buyer.

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